February 5 Worship Set

Here We Go Again: Fault Finding

How often do you find yourself criticizing the actions of a friend or family member? It’s natural to want to help change someone’s negative behavior, but Jesus reminds us in Matthew 7 to look at our own faults before approaching someone else’s. It takes humility to step back and come to terms with the plank in our own eye.

As we close our series “Here We Go Again” this weekend, our desire is for us to reflect on the reoccurring issues in our lives and allow Christ to mend those areas of brokenness. The chorus of “Brokenness Aside” reminds us of the depravity of our humanity and of the redemptive work of our Savior:

I am a sinner

If it's not one thing it's another

Caught up in words tangled in lies

But You are a Savior

and You take brokenness aside

And make it beautiful, beautiful

Our prayer is that in humility we confess our sin as we declare the words of this song and allow Jesus to move us forward into something beautiful.