September 18 Worship Set

Finding Home - 1 Peter 1:1-2

Earth is not our final destination. When God calls us to follow Him, we become citizens of heaven and aliens in this present world. Knowing that we are only here for a time should lead us to live radically for Christ. We’ve been given a mission to love and serve those around us so that Christ’s love may change the world for His glory.

As we gather to worship together, we begin our new series “Finding Home” where we will continue to learn about the calling we’ve been given as Christians. Even though it’s not easy living differently, we know that God is good and sovereign. His love is enduring, so we lift our voices in praise to Him. We all have brokenness that needs to be healed, and it’s through Jesus’ shedding of blood that we are cleansed. No matter what we’ve been going through this week, let’s remember that Jesus Christ is enough. He redeems our brokenness. It’s through true worship that our hearts are shaped to be more like Him, and we are given strength to endure.