July 17 Worship Set

The Whole Story: Church - The Church Expands

Focusing in on Acts this weekend, we will see that Jesus gave the early church a mission to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth. They were called to spread the truth of His gospel. We are also called to be a part of this mission, but often we get too comfortable with our day to day lives and settle for far less. God will take us out of our comfort zones though, in order to fully equip us to be His witnesses. As we gather to lift our voices in praise, we will sing of the cost to follow Jesus and the trials that may come. Yet, despite the difficulties, the Lord provides us with the strength to endure. When we call upon His name, His Spirit equips us to go where He leads. We will proclaim this through a new song called “Call Upon the Lord” by Elevation Worship and will sing,

I will call upon the Lord,

For He alone is strong enough to save.

Rise your shackles are no more,

For Jesus Christ has broken every chain.

As we prepare our hearts to receive God’s Word, let’s ask the Lord to reveal the areas in our lives that are hindering us from being completely on mission for His glory. Let’s humble ourselves, surrender our fears, and ask God for the strength to follow Him.