April 24 Worship Set

The Whole Story: Real People, Real Issues, Real Wisdom - Ecclesiastes

Questions.  We all have them. Almost everyone at some point in his or her life has wondered what is the point of this life. Is there a point? Does how I live my life really matter? Solomon asks these same questions in the book of Ecclesiastes.

How does this affect our worship? Romans 12 tells us to offer our bodies as a “living sacrifice” to Him. Since our worship should be happening at all times, this essentially gives us purpose in and of itself. Our everyday lives of worship should spill over into our times of corporate worship through song. So as we worship, let that in itself give your life meaning as you rejoice in the Creator who draws near to us.

One of the ways we publicly show a commitment to a life of purpose is through believers’ baptism. As we worship this weekend, we will be celebrating with many of those in the church that have chosen to take this step. As they proclaim their faith, let us worship Him along with them.