April 17 Worship Set

The Whole Story: Real People Real Issues Real Wisdom - Proverbs

Choices. We are faced with them everyday. We have the opportunity with each choice to choose wisely, or unwisely. While there are choices that really have no effect on our general well being, or even our journey to Christlikeness, there are definitely choices that do heavily impact this.

As we continue in our journey through The Whole Story, we’re going to look at the book of Proverbs. This is a book written to impart wisdom into the choices we make.

How does this affect our worship? As we understand the great divide between our brokenness and His holiness, we are brought to the realization that we have a deep need for Jesus in our lives. This need for Jesus is not a once and for all thing. Paul writes in Philippians 1:6 that He who began a great work in us will carry it on to completion on the day of Christ. One of the ways he is accomplishing this in us is through His instruction in His word.

Because He has given us His word to show us how to live in Godliness, we respond with thankfulness and an attitude of commitment to follow Him, which leads us back to our realization of our brokenness.

Our worship leads to His word and His word leads us back to our worship. As we gather this weekend this will be the focus of our time of worshiping through song together. May we be open to letting God lead us into this position of dependence on Him.