April 3 Worship Set

The Whole Story: Real People, Real Issues, Real Wisdom - Job

What do you do when life throws you some major curve balls? What do you do when life hits you head on? How do we reconcile these traumatic circumstances with faith in a good and loving God?

These are some of the questions that we want to take a look at this week as we begin this portion of The Whole Story through Job, Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

There are a great number of things that we can learn in these 4 books that will apply to us directly at some point in our lives.

As we enter the room, we will be welcomed to bring all of our hurt, pain and need before our Heavenly Father through the song, “O Come To The Altar” by Elevation Worship. At the feet of Jesus is where we find healing and hope in Christ Jesus.

Continuing on, we will proclaim, the truth of His unfailing love for us through the song, “Your Love Never Fails” by Jesus Culture. It is often helpful for us to remind ourselves of the truth of God’s word, even in moments that we do not feel it.

Reminding ourselves of this truth will enable us to place our trust in Him. It takes a lot of faith for us to declare that we trust Him when we can’t see the good in a situation, or we don’t even feel Him near us and quite frankly, sometimes we just want to scream or vent or cry, but God offers peace that goes beyond all understanding. We will sing, “Trust It All” by Northpoint and our statement of faith in Him.

As we respond to the message, we will sing these words:

When I walk through deep waters

I know you will be with me

In the midst of deep sorrow

I see your light is breaking through

I am not alone

You will go before me

You will never leave me

As the character of God unfolds itself to us, may we learn to trust Him not only for our good, but in our suffering.