February 28 Worship Set

Broken Kingdom – Pride – 2 Kings 22-25

At this point in The Whole Story, we are focusing on a portion called the Broken Kingdom. So far, we have observed a few traps that we can fall into as follower of Christ. These are, wanting in excess, power, and money. This week, we will focus our attention to the aspect of pride. In this case, we will see how pride kept the Israelites from God’s best and caused the destruction of the city of Jerusalem.

Personally, we can see pride have similar effects. It can lead to the breakdown of relationships, broken families, job loss, and many other devastating things. Christ has called us to deny ourselves daily in order to follow Him. This is an ongoing thing that takes work and discipline, but the fruit of it is remarkable.

As we gather together in worship, we will sing songs of selflessness. We declare that we want to lay down our lives for Him and His glory and that He be lifted high in all of our circumstances. We will do this through the songs, “Go” by Hillsong United and “Be Lifted High” by Elevation Worship.

In this same attitude, we surrender all that we are to Him. We pray that our whole lives will be used for His glory. “My Heart Is Yours” is our commitment of this. As we sing this, we don’t want this to be an empty commitment that we can not follow through with, but we sing this as an act of faith, that through the Holy Spirit, we can live this out, thankful that His grace covers our shortcomings.

In response to the message we will celebrate communion together. As we do, we can rejoice in the truth that He has taken the brokenness we own and made us beautiful in His eyes. “Brokenness Aside” will be the anthem we sing.

So as we seek to live lives surrendered to Him and humbly living for His name, let us remember that when we fall short, His grace is sufficient. The blood of Christ covers us as we are made beautiful.