December 27 Worship Set

Christmas - Priest

This week, we will be finishing up our short Christmas series before we jump back into The Whole Story on January 3rd.

On the heels of the Christmas season, this is the time when we take down the Christmas tree, pull the lights off the house, and box up our decorations. We have this sad feeling that the warmth and joy of Christmas is gone.

Is there a way that we can keep this going all year long? Is there something we can do to keep a reminder the rest of the year?

It is important to remember Christ’s birth in it’s relationship to The Whole Story. There was a need for Him to come to earth. There was a need for Him to come in the form of a baby and live a perfect life. It was all a part of God’s great redemptive plan. It was all a part of something much bigger than us. Does this affect us in our everyday lives?

Here is my challenge to you. Try to think of some way that you can keep the Christmas season going where you live. Maybe it’s a small string of lights on the mantle, or a small tree in the corner of the room. Whatever it is let it be something that when you look at it, you remember this time of year. In our house, we keep our manger scene set up all year round. It is a daily reminder that the God who is so great, stepped into time and space to redeem us.

This week, we will be taking a look at Jesus as our high priest. Since He came as a baby, lived a perfect life, died a brutal death bearing the wrath of God, and then rose from the dead defeating death for eternity, He is now seated at the right hand off God, interceding for us. It is now through Him that we can be seen as spotless before God. This is why we celebrate Christmas.

As we move away from the season, let us keep fresh the reason we celebrate Christmas and, because of that, worship Him with our entire lives.