November 8 Worship Set

The Whole Story – Joseph’s Dreams Fulfilled – Genesis 41

Last week we began to look at the life of Joseph. Joseph had many dreams, yet was not seeing the fullness of those dreams realized. When we left off, Joseph was stuck in prison, for something that he did not commit. Joseph had a choice. He could either harden his heart toward God, or he could trust that God was still faithful.

Much like Joseph, we are faced with the same choices. We have dreams. Sometimes our dreams are not realized in the manner or time frame that we want or expect. Do we harden our hearts to God, or do we trust that He is faithful?

This week, as we worship together through song, we want to overemphasize God’s faithfulness to us. As we sing these songs and declare this truth of God, we are also reminding our souls of these truths. We need to remind ourselves everyday who God is, so that we respond appropriately to Him.

We will sing, “The Lord Our God” by Kristian Stanfill, trusting in the Lord’s faithfulness towards us and His faithfulness to lead us. It is because of this that we sing, “We won’t move without You, You’re the light of all and all that we need.” This light is leading us and will make our paths straight.

We can only respond to His leading if we believe He is sovereign over us. “Forever Reign” will be our declaration of this truth and our reminder to ourselves. Therefore, we run to Him, knowing that it is in His presence, in His embrace where we find safety, shelter, and strength.

These attributes show a picture of God the father. These show us that He cares for us and protects us. He does what is best for us, even if we don’t agree or like it. He is indeed a good, good father. “We will sing, “Good Good Father” by Zealand Worship to Him who loves us.

As we respond to the message, we will dedicate families to Him. It is often through families that God chooses to move. So far, on the journey through The Whole Story, we have seen God moving from generation to generation. He has not stopped being faithful to the generations even now. With this in mind, we will sing, “The Solid Rock” by Nathan Smith. As we believe that He is our firm foundation, we hold fast to Him in the midst of our trials or “detours.” Only then can we choose to trust in Him and not harden our hearts towards Him.