October 18 Worship Set

As we continue in our series called The Whole Story this weekend, we will focus on Abraham being tested to sacrifice his son Isaac in order to gain trust in the Lord. In our current world, we are obsessed with testing consumer goods to make sure they are working properly and are safe. We want to make sure everything is tested thoroughly, except for when it comes to ourselves. When it comes to taking tests or testing our character, we tend to shy away because it can be painful. In the end though if we withstand the testing, we will be stronger. The Lord tests us in many ways in order to grow us and perfect us. As we come together to worship this weekend, let's praise Him for His desire to grow our faith and to make us more like Him.   

We will begin our time of worship through song with "The Lord Our God" by Passion. Time and time again, God has made promises with His people that He keeps. He provides for us, even in our most desperate time of need. Our God is ever faithful, never changing throughout the ages. He leads us out of dark times and strengthens us by His power.

With this truth in mind, we'll continue to praise the Lord through the song "Come Lord Jesus (Even So Come)" also by Passion. Through this song, we will remember that Christ is coming back someday to take home His bride, the church. We are waiting in preparation for the day of His return and we eagerly desire it. We must not grow weary in waiting, but instead, we need to be seeking and glorifying God and doing everything in our power to bring His kingdom in our lives.

Even though it can be hard watching all the evil in our world as we await our King, we have a peace through Christ that all is well because He has already overcome. We will remind ourselves of this truth by singing "It Is Well" by Bethel. In the chorus we sing, "Through it all my eyes are on you...through it all it is well with me." With the right perspective, that God has already conquered sin and death, we can have peace in our lives to live with courage since He is in control through it all.

To close our time of worship together, we will ask the Lord to strengthen our faith through the song "Give Me Faith" by Elevation Worship. We realize that we are nothing without God. We are weak and are in need of His guidance. Through God's testing in our lives, we learn to trust that He will follow through with his promises and that He will strengthen and mature our faith in Him.