November 1 Worship Set

The Whole Story: People – Joseph’s Dreams Delayed - Genesis 39

Dreams. We all have them. For some of us, it’s those dreams that drive us to do the things that we do each and every day. It could be a dream for a spouse, a child, a job, a house, or many other things. We even have dreams of things that we believe God has called us into.

As we live our lives in light of these things, we can often get discouraged when we don’t see them pan out the way we think they should or in the timing that they should. Rather than trust in God, we try so hard to make these things happen ourselves.

This week we will begin to look at the life of Joseph. Joseph was a man with many dreams. He held on to these dreams when it didn’t look like they would come to pass. In spite of his circumstances, he held on to God’s promises. Can we do the same?

As we begin our gathering this weekend, we will rejoice in the strength of God. For us to have even a hint of faith in the midst of circumstances, we need to trust that God’s character is true. The fact that God is stronger than our circumstances, that He is bigger than our trials, or that He is the healer of all our pain should lead us to trust in Him wholeheartedly. 

We also need to see that God’s love is greater. It is because of His great love that He has given us dreams for good. No matter how many times we may fail in our journey, God’s love is unfailing and He is faithful to hold on to us. We will sing this in, “One Thing Remains” by Passion.

Believing this reveals our great need to depend on Him for all that we do and all that we are. He is our righteousness and it is through Him that we have victory. In light of this truth we will sing, “Lord I Need You” by Matt Maher.

Finally, as we respond to the message, we will declare the goodness of God, and the greatness of God, believing that there is nothing too great for Him to accomplish in our lives. He is our everything.