Restoration Counseling is both a professional counseling center and also a ministry of Calvary Church. We care for the congregation and the community as well. Our staff is committed to therapeutic professionalism and excellence.


Do you feel…
• Out of control in thought and behavior?
• Hopeless in struggles of depression and anxiety?
• Stressed from the pain of the past?
• Overwhelmed in dealing with despair and disappointment?
• Lost in the busyness of everyday life?
• Unable to experience the forgiveness of self or others?
• Lonely or misunderstood in your family or marriage?


At Restoration Counseling Center we believe counseling is a process whereby a counselee seeks to resolve personal, interpersonal, and/or spiritual difficulties with the assistance of another caring individual. Your counselor will bring to the sessions his or her professional knowledge and experience, but the ultimate responsibility for growth and change rests with the client(s).

For info, visit or call the church office at 636.939.4343.