St. Charles Area FCA's New Director

As school bells once again echo down the halls of area high schools, Christian athletes called "huddle leaders" will hold regular meetings with classmates and teammates.  Connected by a love of sports, they will explore the Bible and discuss what it means to live for Christ on and off the playing field.  Dave Meers recalls how these very gatherings with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), decades ago, helped shape him into the man he is today.

Now, with a total of 30 years of coaching under his belt, this former college-level athlete is fully engaged in this organization at a new level and is crossing paths with teammates, coaches, and players he met over the years.  He is amazed at how God, all through the years, was weaving the details together for His current ministry assignment!

In fact, a career change wasn't really on Dave's radar.  He had recently sold his physical therapy business, agreeing to a lengthy employment contract with the new owners.  He had served on the Board of Directors for FCA, but didn't realize that God had even bigger plans.  So, when former St. Louis Cardinal Ricky Horton and FCA St. Louis Area Director Mike Hansen asked Dave to become the Area Director for St. Charles County, he couldn't help but see the looming obstacles. It would be unlikely that he could be released from his employment contract, and the Meers family income would be slashed considerably.  Dave and Stacy Meers prayed about it, knowing God would have to move those obstacles if it was His will. 

Before long, Dave knew he needed to take a step of faith and ask to be released from his binding work contract.  He was released with no repercussions! Momentum was building as he clearly saw God forging a path.  Dave knows none of the many details that fell into place were coincidental.  Filling just the right number of hours and days on his calendar, Dave was given an opportunity to continue as a therapist part time to close the budget gap for the family! This was just another confirmation that God was at work.  

FCA team.jpg

Today, Dave is settled into his role as Area Director, and FCA is one of the only Christian organizations that is still allowed inside public schools.  There is resistance, but the students who lead their teammates in "huddles" are equipped by Dave and other staff members to face it with wisdom, courage, and love.  In fact, right now, 35-40 area high schoolers are attending leadership camps for this very purpose.  Dave stresses the need for prayer support as these camps are completed, and the school year gets underway!

For more information about supporting FCA in St. Charles County, please contact Dave Meers at

By Carla Fine