Sharing God's Amazing Love


When I’m doing children’s ministry I love to find the kid that doesn’t fit in. William is exactly that, but not because he is awkward but because he’s disabled. William has a limp in this walk, limited arm mobility, and barely speaks. The moment I saw him I was overwhelmed with God’s love for him.

As I went to speak to him, I noticed some kids making fun of him because he was just starring off into the distance. I sat down next to him and smiled. It took him a few minutes to realize I was friendly but once he did, his whole expression changed. He went from sad and disconnected to full of joy and life.

We spent a lot of time that day laughing and joking. Our lesson that day was David and Goliath. I taught the kids that anyone can be a tool for God; that with God on our side anyone can beat a giant. And that includes William. I like to think that my kindness showed William that he is deeply loved by God and God made no mistake in creating him


Truthfully, I think William showed me that more than I showed him. I will always remember his joy and smile.

By Missionary Brooke VanZandt Wong

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