God's Healing Touch

While doing some hut-to-hut ministry in Zamiba, we came across a hut where an old man, Acson, and a half dozen of his grandchildren greeted us. We sat in an open hut for an hour encouraging each other in the Lord, as he had been a believer for twenty years already.

At the end of our time with him, we invited him to come to our camp, which was about a hour’s walk away, for one of our night meetings where we sing, dance, and share the Word. Acson responded that he could not because he had a bum knee and couldn’t hope to walk that far. I leaned across the circle, put a hand on his knee, and proclaimed that in Jesus name his knee would no longer have any issues, and it didn’t. In fact, at that moment he stood up with me and we danced around in his yard praising Jesus for his goodness and love.


My team was in the area for another three days, and every day Acson walked to our camp. He attended meetings around a campfire, the leader’s discipleship meeting we had, and even came to watch the local soccer club whoop us at soccer. The last evening we were there, he stopped by our camp and made sure to say goodbye to me as I was cooking our team dinner.

This 85-year-old’s faith and willingness to walk to meet us was encouraging and absolutely beautiful.

By Tim Wong

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