No Time for Tea

The desperation in his eyes made it clear that he didn't want to wait another moment. During the break, when one of the pastors asked with urgency for a private meeting with him, Joe Cox sensed that God was about to do something big right there in the Eastern Congo. The heavy U.N. presence in the city of Bunia was a testimony to the chaos the villagers had endured, but the weight of every villager's pain seemed to be carried on the shoulders of this man standing before him now. As soon as he began to pour out his heart to Joe, it was obvious why he didn't seem interested when he offered to pour some tea. There was no time for that. The floodgates of relief and hope had opened, and he just needed to be SURE this training really applied to him. He needed every minute of reassurance Joe could provide.

Joe listened compassionately as the tearful pastor outlined the devastating suffering in his village following war and a tragic mudslide. Homes were burned to the ground, and addiction and rape had become epidemic. He had felt defeated as he struggled to give them answers to impossible questions about their plight. But by the end of this meeting with Joe, tears of relief were flowing.

Joe Cox 3.jpg

For the first time EVER, this man had heard the words that would shape his future ministry. He learned through very practical coaching sessions that he didn't HAVE to provide answers. He simply needed to listen, and help these victims learn about and hear from The Lord.

The problems in Bunia persist, but thanks to Enduring Treasures Ministries, there are pastors in the Eastern Congo and beyond who are equipped to provide spiritual guidance and support in a way that points people to Christ as the ultimate Healer and Comforter.

As Joe cried with this pastor who had witnessed so much pain, he realized how many lives could be impacted as he returned to his people with new direction and hope. According to Joe, nothing compares to that feeling, and he “would circle the earth 20 times to help just ONE pastor.”

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