Praying for Missionaries Widens One’s Horizons

Psychologists and counselors will tell you that perspective is everything. Each of us has our own set of emotional glasses through which we see the world and the behavior of others, unconsciously comparing them to ourselves.

I found this theory to be true as I started attending a small group of people dedicated to praying for Calvary Church missionaries. My western-minded, suburban-raised, little-traveled, but open-to-learning-mindset, would leave each meeting a little bit changed.

Concern for some erosion in my backyard takes on a new perspective hearing about widespread devastation and homeless children following an earthquake in Nepal. Praying for missionaries living daily in hostile settings makes me realize how protected and free I am to speak of my faith, but how often I do not.

I began to examine activities that claimed my time, such as my unnecessary and frequent need to check emails and social media. I found myself wanting to be more mindful on what consumed my time.

I know prayer has eternal value, so I committed myself to being at prayer meetings. It has been two years since I first started attending. God continues to change my heart a little bit each time we hear about the great needs of our missionaries, their struggle with funds, loneliness, discouragement in ministry, and just being far from home and family. All of a sudden the leaky faucet and broken dryer take their rightful place in the scheme of eternity. I’ve learned it’s all a matter of perspective.

By Sharon Young

Join us for prayer the second and fourth Sundays of each month at 10:45 am in Room 152.