A Lesson from Malawi

My daughter, Danielle, and I stepped out in faith last summer and joined a short-term mission team heading to Katsekara, a village in Malawi, Africa.


After our breakfast on our first morning, we walked to the local school yard. Many of the children, even the smallest, did not have warm clothes on that chilly morning. Some had no shoes and wore tattered pants or shorts and-short sleeved shirts. Others wore interesting layers of clothing for warmth. One little girl caught my eye in her green school dress with a dirty white collar. She wore an old hooded baby towel for a coat. You've seen them...a terry cloth towel for infants with the little hood and ears sewn on top. Something we would have long-ago discarded provides precious warmth to this little girl.

Danielle and I learned a powerful lesson about contentment that first morning in the village of Katsekara.

by Jill Beckmann