Changing Lives and Transforming Communities

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This year CRU partnered with the largest number of churches in Dallas to date, to bring the gospel to neighborhoods all across the city. As students shared their faith, God worked in amazing ways. 

One group of students met a man who expressed that he had been wanting to go back to church, but because of his past was afraid of being judged. In tears he told them, “I know it’s God that brought you guys to my door.”

Another group of students spoke with a man who said, “It’s crazy because I was talking with God earlier today and told Him ‘God if you want me to know You, You’re gonna have to send someone to me, because I am not going to a church’ and now I’m talking to y’all, I know that’s not an accident.”

God worked through the lives of students all across Dallas, and a total of 307 spiritual life changes happened in just those few hours!

by Calvary Missionary Chloe Buckman