We Knew Them Then - Part 2

Interview with Church Planter Justin Grimm, Story Presbyterian Church, Columbus Ohio

 Calvary Church’s youth group has impacted teens for Christ for several generations. Over the years numerous kids have come into a relationship with Christ through our youth ministry and then gone out to serve Him.  Missionaries like Brooke Wong, Chloe Buckmann, Bonnie Thiessen, and Josh Krato are serving the Lord in Africa, Eastern Europe, and the United States.  

 In this two-part article, we are interviewing Justin Grimm and Kyle Hackmann, both former youth, now in their early 30s and planting churches.  

 Kyle is in Toronto, Canada and Justin in Columbus, Ohio.  In Part 1 we interviewed Kyle and below we get to know Justin and his heart to start a church to reach families for Christ.  

Interview - Justin Grimm

Q. What is your ministry?
A. My ministry is planting Story Presbyterian Church in Westerville, Ohio, a suburb in northwest Columbus. We help people know the greatest story ever told.

Q. How are you seeing God at work?
A. I intentionally live my life in the community. People know I am a pastor. I frequently get opportunities to share the gospel.

Justin Grimm and family.jpeg

In the last month I have spent much time in weekly meetings and phone calls while helping a young man who was on the verge of suicide. Another man recently recommitted his life to Christ after finding his wife was involved in an ongoing affair. There are many others. Our mission is to help people discover how Jesus redeems their stories.

Q. How has your life changed through this experience?
A. It has made me worship more and puts God’s fear in me when it comes to my own sin. I feel blessed to serve him in this way in the community.

Q. What struggles do you face, and how can we pray for you?
A. Some of my biggest struggles revolve around feeling lonely. I also feel the weight of people’s hearts and lives on my shoulders.

Some days I feel no one cares for me as I care for them. But Jesus shows me that I too am broken, and I need Jesus just as much as they. Jesus often appears in the kind word from a friend or a buddy who just knew the right thing to say. 

CLICK HERE to check out what God is doing at Story Presbyterian Church in Westerfield, Ohio.