We Knew Them Then - Part 1

Interview with Church Planter Kyle Hackmann, Christ Church Toronto 

Do young people really grow up to become church planters worldwide? From my first-hand experience with two young men I say, “Yes, they can!”

Youth at Local Church

For almost 15 years my husband and I worked with the youth group at our church. Weekly we had a ton of kids through our home for Bible studies. Summers were filled with pool parties and pranksters, while winters were dominated by ski trips and retreats. We got to know well many of the young faces that came through our front door.

 Fast forward to 2018 and many of those former youth are now in their early 30’s. My husband and I are now involved in supporting our church’s missionaries through prayer and monthly correspondence. That was how we connected again with Kyle Hackman and Justin Grimm, both young pastors now doing church plants far from home. We sat down with them to learn about their families ministries.

Interview - Kyle Hackmann

Kyle Hackmann and family.jpg

Q. Can you tell us about your ministry and what you are up to these days?
A. Well after working for 7 years as an associate pastor in Toronto, I transitioned in January of 2017 to planting a church in the same neighborhood where I was living. The area is mostly young professionals starting their families, with few attending church.

Q. How do you see God at work?
A. I am seeing people grow in their commitment to this start up church by a heavy involvement. Many are taking leadership roles at a higher level than I expected. I see this in the teaching of Bible to children, and even thinking about neighbors and how to pray for them.

Q. How has your life changed through this experience of church planting?
A.  I have spent the last year trying my best to meet more non-Christians. Many believe Christianity is dead. I will never again assume that most people from the West know the basic story of Jesus’ live, death and resurrection. This has caused a new passion in me to pass on my faith well.

Q. What struggles do you face?
A. Discouragement. I wish I could see more fruit in my efforts but God is working to remind me it is His job to melt hearts.

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