Who in the world would go to the second poorest country in Central America?

Why would anyone intentionally go to live in a poor country? In Central America? Anywhere? Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America with persistent poverty and inequality challenges. The average income per household is $1800 per year. Approximately 6,000 children are homeless and live on the streets. These kids are neglected by society and forced to live a life without security and care.

Abandoned People Reach Out to Those They Understand

Pastor Jorge Pinto felt God touch his heart to make a difference in the lives of these children.   He himself was abandoned as a child so he knew firsthand what difficulties they were facing. In 1999 Pastor Jorge opened the doors of his church for the kids of Tegucigalpa to care for them.  Soon after Project Manuelito was created!

Mission to Take Kids Off of Streets

Today the ministry is located in the city of Talanga with 40 children from the streets are living there, being housed, fed, clothed, educated. The project also provides an education for an additional one hundred kids from the poorest families in Talanga. Many families are not able to afford an education for their children.  In order for a child to attend public school the family must be able to pay for a uniform and books.   

Your Invitation to Join the Church in Reaching Abandoned and Homeless Children

Calvary is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Pastor Jorge and the Manuelito staff.  Calvary sends three to four teams each year to help with construction of classrooms and to love on the children.

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Three Birds with One Stone?

Can a local church focus on engaging its members in the missions they support while also increasing the outreach of those missions?

What the Chinese Say about Doing Two Things at a Time

The Chinese may be the originators of the idiom - kill two birds with one stone - yi shi er niao (一石二鳥).  The meaning is clear.  If you are a bird, get out of China.The Chinese also say you can’t stand on two boats. The meaning is clear again. Carry a swimsuit at all times in China.

What is the church to think? Can or should the church do two things at the same time?

What God Thinks about Doing Two Things at a Time

Yes! Thank goodness we serve a God who specializes in the impossible. The church can indeed engage its members in the missions they support while also increasing the outreach of those missions.

More importantly we ask: How can the church do this?

Three-Step Plan to Improve Mission Performance

Step 1 - a website with more content that is focused on the missions they support.The data is clear - if we want more people to come to our site/page/place, we need to give them more good reasons to come.

The more real stories about real people that have been changed by real missionaries that the church can tell about the missions they support, the more people will come to read those stories. We’ll call this sowing seeds.

Step 2 - Invite readers of those stories, the church, in our case the folks here at Calvary, to engage with those posts. Comment on them. Share them. Who doesn’t love to hear or tell a good story? We’ll call that watering those seeds.

Step 3 - There is no step three. At least, not for us. If we sow seeds and keep watering them, God will cause the growth. The Bible says this happens automatically. And it does.

When the Church Talks about Its Missionaries

The bi-product of telling real mission stories on our church website is that the stories we tell are about the missions we support. This will increase the visibility and reach of that mission. People outside the church who care about the work our missions will search and find our missions.

Care => Search => Find. It just works.

We Did Not See That Coming

Did you know young people--think 20-ish to mid 30-ish--really want to serve to and make a make a difference in their world? Millennials are sitting at their computers or looking at their phones, wondering, “Where in the world can I serve? Who will help me make a difference in this world?” They will type similar questions to that effect in a search engine … and come find us here at Calvary.

Care => Search => Find. It just works.  God causes the growth.

God Can Indeed Do the Impossible

Not only is the local church more engaged and the missions we support enjoying increased outreach, we are able to recruit more workers for the kingdom from a group of adults that are abandoning traditional church in droves.

Dare we think three birds with one stone?