Sponsoring A Child Changes a Life

Calvary Church partners with ministries in Malawi and Honduras to provide children in need with education, nutritious meals, basic medical care, and the love of Christ. By sponsoring a child, your contributions go to meet their basic needs. You enable them to have a future and a hope. 

In Malawi, Vision Trust has a feeding and learning center in the villages of Katsekara, which is an extremely poor area of the country. They provide vitamins, meals, and an education for children ages 3-10. There are approximately 100 children in the program. 
CLICK HERE To learn more and to sponsor a child from Malawi.

In Honduras, Project Manuelito is a ministry to children who have lived in and on the streets of Honduras.  It focuses on housing and caring for both girls and boys who have been abandoned by their parents and have been exposed to abuse, illness, drugs, and violence. 
CLICK HERE to learn more and to sponsor a child in Honduras. 


Make a difference in the life of an international student through International Students, Inc. (At Lindenwood, we're known as International Student Fellowship.) International students attending Lindenwood University find friendship and hospitality through the volunteers of International Student Fellowship. 

About 75% of international students studying in America never visit an American home, and 80% never visit an American church. Getting involved with ISI can be life-changing for a student and life-changing for you. And it's easy! You could pick up a student from the airport, include them in a family dinner or outing, or even drive them places since there is no public transportation in St. Charles. 

CLICK HERE if you'd like to make a one-time financial gift or set up recurring gifts to reach International students at Lindenwood University.

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