Volunteer Service Coordinator Training

Provide supportive care to hurting families and individuals in our community by becoming a Service Coordinator through the Neighbor Helping Neighbor Service Coalition.

Volunteer Service Coordinators

  • Improve the quality of life by walking along side of individuals and families
  • Assessing their needs and directly connecting them to opportunities and services
  • Using a life plan tool to help bring stability to their life

Service Coordinator Training — (total of 8 hours)
Tuesday, September 12 and Thursday,  September 14, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Sunday, September 17, 1:00 pm  to 5:00 pm

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Financial Guide

Make an irreplaceable impact in the lives of individuals and families from our community. If you have experience in finance and can help with budgeting, etc., please complete this form to request more information. Training is available. 

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Community Care Team

Through a variety of ministries and programs, Calvary Church is making a difference in the lives of the people in our own community. For example, Neighbor Helping Neighbor Coalition provides comprehensive care. It's not helpful to put band-aids on people with broken arms. Supplying funds to pay an electric bill is not the same as helping the family learn why they can't pay their electric bill.

If you'd like to make a difference, help change the trajectory of a family living from crisis to crisis, consider becoming a Community Ministry Care Coordinator.

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All three of Calvary's campuses work with at least one school. Volunteers support the faculty, staff, and students in a variety of ways. For example, a volunteer team might serve dinner to teachers on Parent/Teacher Conference day, another group helps copy, fold, staple, cut materials for teachers. It's so fun seeing the looks on the faces of the teachers! Join the team!

Weekend Hunger Project

Students in local schools who receive free lunches often go hungry on the weekends. Each Friday afternoon during the school year, students go home with a backpack filled with nutritious food for the weekend. An easy way to get involved is to stop by The Big Desk at your campus and ask what needs Weekend Hunger ha each week. Purchase those food items and bring them back the next week! A regular rotation of people providing food items means no hungry kids on the weekend! 


HammerHeads is a home repair ministry to low-income single moms and widows who are unable to do their own repairs or do not have the financial resources to pay for home repairs. Sharing your skills brings the love of Christ to these in-need families. Got skills? Help us out!  

Open Arms Ministry

Open Arms provides support, education, and encouragement to couples considering adoption or foster care. This ministry has helped dozens and dozens of families from Calvary and our community learn, get help, be encouraged and support throughout the process. 

Habitat for Humanity

Calvary Church is making a difference in the lives of the people in our own community, providing low-income families with affordable housing. Volunteers will be helping a family sponsored by Habitat to build their new home. Work days are Saturday, August 12, September 9 and October 7.  

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Our Lady's Inn

Our Lady’s Inn provides a loving home and an array of services supporting pregnant women and their children suffering with homelessness. Some volunteer opportunities include transportation, childcare, clerical support, meal prep, and professional salon services. For more details email the OLI Volunteer Coordinator, Angela Hinchsliff, at ahinchsliff@ourladysinn.org or call 636-398-5375. Our Lady’s Inn locations include Defiance and St. Louis, Missouri. 

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