Care Team

Care Team is there to show love and support in times of need, providing hospital, rehab, nursing home, and home visits. Calls are also made to those who submit prayer requests so we can talk, support, and pray with you. Long term relationships are developed as we come alongside and share your challenging journey. 

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Freedom From Depression Class

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A 12-Part Plan To:
Define and identify depression
Understand mental and physical factors of depression
Develop keys to lasting change

Cancer Companions

Sundays 6:00 - 7:30 pm. starting February 25, 2018

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Cancer Companions provide emotional support to cancer survivors, cancer patients, their families and caregivers by not only listening and caring but by guiding them through specific topics to help them gain some perspective on their cancer journey. Those topics include faith, questions for God, healing, prayer, stress reduction, relationships, communication and healthy living.

Free Health & Wellness Classes

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With a Christ-centered focus, these classes will cover a range of health and wellness topics to help you make healthier food and lifestyle choicesWe seek to equip you with the knowledge on how better health is gained through making healthy choices about the food we eat, exercise, cooking techniques, and more. We'll focus on how God designed our bodies, the food we eat and His great plan and purpose for our lives.