Estate Planning 

We realize money is not always a comfortable topic. At the end of day, we see estate planning as an important part of being a healthy disciple for our Calvary family. The numbers below show that the majority of people throughout Missouri do not have established plans to provide for their families or for ministries they feel are vital to the Kingdom.  We are blessed at Calvary to have an intergenerational body of believers and feel like we have an opportunity to provide you with tools that can be used at all stages of life to take care of your wishes.  

Did you know that...

  • 60% of all people in Missouri do not have a will

  • 70% of people who pass away in Missouri do not have a valid will

  • Less than 2% of people include Kingdom work in their wills  

Why do we value estate planning?

Our leadership sees our partnership with PhilanthroCorp as an opportunity to educate our church family on being sure you have set up proper documentation, including wills, so that your wishes for your family's needs, as well as for ministries and missions that you value, will be taken carried out upon your passing.  

Why are we partnering with PhilanthroCorp?

Through our partnership with PhilanthroCorp we are able to connect our church family with an estate planning organization that will offer the service at no cost. Once PhilanthroCorp has walked you through the beginning stages of estate planning, you are then able to take that documentation to a local attorney to complete the process.

Before working with PhilanthroCorp, we did not have a will in place so we were delighted to have the opportunity to speak with their estate specialists when we learned that Calvary Church was partnering with them. The whole experience of working with PhilanthroCorp was very good. The people we spoke with were straightforward and made the process as simple as possible. PhilanthroCorp’s estate experts helped us learn a lot about the planning process. They were very knowledgeable about probate issues in our state, and this helped us when making our arrangements. While the planning of your estate can be time-consuming, we tell others that this process is necessary. It’s important to get it done, and have it done correctly. We felt comfortable working with PhilanthroCorp because our church of 20 years was recommending their services. It was great for us to know that we were being helped by Christians who shared our same values.
— Calvary attenders Paul & Sharon Young


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You can also find more details about PhilanthroCorp and the process by clicking HERE.