Six Steps to Talking About Jesus

Sunday mornings, June 2 - July 14
9 - 10 am in the Chapel at the Mid Rivers Campus
Book cost: $7 (book will be provided at your first class)

Think of the people around you: your family, co-workers, neighbors. Each one needs to hear about Jesus! Yet like so many Christians, do you feel uneasy about reaching out to people? Perhaps you feel unsure about where to start and what to say?

Six Steps to Talking about Jesus is a short course that goes back to square one, and helps you make a start. Over six interactive sessions you'll look at:

» the core motivation for reaching out to others
» how to depend on God in prayer
» how to invite people to read a book or come to an event
» how to tell your own story of what God has done for you in Christ
» how to explain the gospel of Jesus in a simple way

This study is available to teens through adults, men and women. Middle School age if participating with a family member.
No registration needed. Just join us.

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